Slope Desk In Red Lacquered Wood

Slope desk in red lacquered wood with gilt fillets with floral and bird decoration.
It opens with a flap and a large drawer on the right side
It rests on 4 arched feet ending in bronze hooves.
Iron flap support pull tabs.
The seat is covered with its original black leather
Its interior is composed of a theater with shelves and 2 small curved drawers.
Entrance and drawer handle in bronze.
Its lock works with its key.
It can be visible on all sides because the back is adorned with a golden floral decoration.
Original desk of very good quality dating from the middle of the 20th century.

Dimensions: Total height: 86 cm / Width: 63 cm / Depth: 43 cm
Depth deployed: 71 cm
Dimensions of the flap: Width: 62.5 cm / Depth: 28 cm
Depth of the top shelf: 16.5 cm
Height of the flap: 66 cm